BEE Analyst & Associates is your One-Stop BEE Consultation and Verification company, with an excellent track record to optimize BEE scorecard levels, in a cost effective manner. We are known for our dedicated and professional service, provided by highly qualified and professional analysts, with a very specific skills base to design and implement BEE solutions, structured around our online BEE IT System.

BEE Analyst is ready to assist your company to adapt and achieve compliancy under the Amended B-BBEE Code, including all BEE Sub-Sector Codes. A pro-active approach will be essential - since your current year's activities will be subject to the regulations of the Amended BEE Code.


BEE Analyst & Associates provides BEE consultation services to clients, ranging from the most basic and elementary questions to the most complex and integrated BEE solutions aimed at addressing specific B-BBEE challenges. All BEE consultancy services are based on a sound and proven methodology designed to address all BEE related matters.

BEE Analyst & Associates, in association with various SANAS accredited agencies, provides a complete range of B-BBEE Verification Services. We have developed a detailed and sound Verification Methodology, expressed in “lay-men’s” terms, in order to streamline and simplify the audit process.

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Our consultation and verification services are based on an online BEE calculator, to synchronize and streamline all consultation and verification activities. The system also enables clients to create their own scenario’s, and do their own calculations in order to determine the impact of various changes on BEE elements and scores.

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